Madame Bourgeois

Bienvenue à la Classe de français! 

Please click below to learn more about the wonderful French language & culture.

Why Study French?  

All dailylessons and instruction materials can be found in SCHOOLOGY.

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You will use the same email address and password that you use for email and logging into district computers. Students will use their and district password.  

I'm so excited that you have decided to learn French. It's a beautiful language with an interesting and diverse culture. You owe it to yourself to try your very best!

Did you know . . . 
• French as a foreign language is the second most frequently taught language in the world after English. 
• French is the only language other than English spoken on five continents. 
• French and English are the only two global languages. 
• French companies employ over 400,000 Americans.
• 1.9 million Americans speak French in the home.
• More tourists visit France than any other country in the world. 
• French is fun!

 Aimez-vous la musique?  Frenchify your playlist with some of these famous French artists:

Learning a new language is not always easy, but it sure can be fun and challenging. Here are some ways to help you better learn the vocabulary. 


Make flashcards and use them! Study by yourself, with a friend, or with a parent. 
• Teach someone else what you are learning. 
• Write French words in your notebook and practice saying them aloud.
• Learn new vocab through duolingo
• Play games and study through quizlet, Kahoot, and conjugemos
• Go to this site on youtube to hear songs from last year's March Madness Bracket.  It's a great way to hear some French music.

• Change the language to French on your favorite show or movie on Netflix.
• Get a French tutor through the CVHS Honor Society.

If you are having difficulties, don't wait until it's too late. Please see me anytime for help. 

Interactive map of France-Check it out!

Interactive map of Europe-Check it out!

Interactive map of France's overseas departments

Interactive map of Africa

Interactive map of Asia

Ensemble pour la paix.doc Ensemble pour la paix.doc
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Aimez-vous texter?  Test your French texting skills with this quiz.  E-mail me your results for extra credit!

Comment utiliser les accents français . . .  Learn how to create shortcuts in MICROSOFT WORD using this tutorial.


Je m'appelle Madame Bourgeois. I have been teaching French for 30 years and I love it! I received my bachelor's degree from MSU and I also studied at L'Institut de Touraine in Tours, France. I received my master’s degree from Saginaw Valley State University and an English degree from Oakland University.  Besides teaching, my interests are reading, music, traveling, playing sports, and spending time with my family. I have 2 daughters that just graduated from MSU and a son who graduated from UofM in 2021. I also have a golden doodle named Parker.  I am looking forward to a great year!  

If you need to get in touch with me, please don't hesitate to call or email.

 Check out these sites below!

Check your grades

Quizlet site for French I flashcards-CVS

Quizlet site for French II flashcards-CVS

Quizlet site for French III-IV flashcards-CVS

Resources for all French Students

Online French/English Dictionary

duolingo-Learn French

You learn French-100's of Blogspot Videos

Practice listening comprehension while listening to French music

Free language tutorial

Commercial free French language network

Verb help with conjugemos (class code is: mxlbrd)

Great places to visit in France

Tiny tap Games for kids

Learn French with music

Crepe Recipe.doc Crepe Recipe.doc
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Practice your reading skills.  Are the French gamers?  Who plays more online games?  Men or Women?  Gameurs ou Gameuses

                                           Which animals do the French have?  Which are the most popular?  Les Animaux Domestiques


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